Village - Rajyavas ( राज्‍यावास )

Only Seven Kilometers from Kankroli (the Vaishnav Pith), Rajyawas is a relatively larger village located in Nathdwara Tehsil, Rajasamand district. The village has Govt. Higher Secondary School. The nearest main railway station to reach Rajyawas is Udaipur, which is about 100 kms. Shrinathji temple is about 35 KMs from Rajyawas.

The 1075 Bigha village was donated to Kashyap Gotri Brahmins.

Presently the Village has about 50 Gorwal Brahmin houses and families of predominantly five Gotras. These 50 Gorwal houses consist of Kashyap 26, Gautam 13, Haritas 06, Vatsas 02 and Bhardwaj 03 houses. The Kashyap and Gautam gotris have migrated from Gol and other gotris have migrated from Auwa. The gorwal brahmin population houses are concentrated in Bramhapuri. Although some of the families are settled in Mumbai most of the families are settled in and around Rajyawas and Kankroli.

The village is in Plaines. The summer season raise the temperature up to 46-47 degree centigrade at peak Time in May-June. Winters are moderately cool during December-January lowering the mercury to 4-5 degree centigrade occasionally. Average rainfall in the district during the months of July-October is 300 mm.

Latest development in Rajyawas:
Recently an amount of Rs 42.24 crore has been earmarked for restructuring the water sector in the district of Rajasamand. The project mainly includes rehabilitation of the right main canal and Rajyawas minor, including pucca works of Nandsamand irrigation project, which comes under Nathwada tehsil of the district. Hopefully it would make Rajyawas more fertile and water levels would go up in the village.

Rupanmata is one of the main temples in the village. Rupanmata is kuldevi for some of the families settled in Auwa. Kashimata is another temple and kuldevi for some of the families in Rajyawas.