Village - Kojra

Kojra (कोजरा)is 6 km far from railway line and 2 km from highway.
In the middle this village have banas (kukari nadi) [कुकरी नदी].

This village have very famous tample of Shri (parshuram) chaturbhuj vishnu ji (परशुराम चतुर्भुज विष्णु जी)
Kojra village was gifted to Rajpurohits by His Highness Sirohi in 1577 and it was ruled by them for many years.

Gorwals in Kojra:
The purohits are from kashyap gotra.
We have about 30 houses of gorwals in our vilage. 95% are of Gautam Gautra.
Kojra is more known as brahmin's village because of having Parshuram Temple of about 1700 years old.
There are few oza/ojha families are migrated from rohida and they are bharadwaj gotra.

Family Tree

As information given by Dinesh Babulalji Trivedi, 65, a grandson of famous Pandit Chaturbhujji from Kojra.