Village - Kasar ( कछार )

Kasar is located on a small diversion over the Chrbhuja – Sevantri Road. The famous and historical Charbhuja temple is a known temple around 6 kilometers from Kasar. The village is located in the Rajsamand district.

Presently the Village has about 50 Gorwal Brahmin houses. 45 out of these houses are owned by Kutsas Gotris and balance 5 houses are owned by Bhardwaj Gotris.

During the first half of the 15th Century Maharana Kumbha had shifted his capital from Chittor to Kumbhalgarh. Kumbhalgarh is very near to the present township Sadari. The place was known as Machchhindrapur before it was reconstituted as Kumbhalgarh. While the construction of the Kumbhalgarh Fort was in progress, there used to be lots of day-to-day problems of various kinds. Whatever used to be constructed during the day used to get destructed during the night hours. (Similar story is famous about construction of the Ranakpur temples in the same area.) The Maharana felt it to be a religious and Vastu problem and instructed his people to identify and find the knowledgeable Brahmins who could pacify the disturbing enemy stars and planets. The village Kusuma behind Mount Abu near Hathal was famous for the knowledgeable Kutsas Gotri Brahmins. Maharana invited these Brahmins to perform the 'Durg pratishtha Pooja'. Post pratishtha Maharana donated Kasar village to these Kutsas Gotri Brahmins. Thousands of Bighas of the Land of the Kasar village is all owned by Brahmins.

Kasar is one of the most naturally gifted beautiful villages. The village is in a valley and surrounded by the mountains from all the four sides. It is situated on the bank of river Gomati and gifted with lots of greenery. It is a relatively much cooler place surrounded by forest. The summer season raise the temperature up to 40-42 degree centigrade at peak Time in May-June. However, nights in the summers are also very cool. Winters are moderately cool during December-January lowering the mercury to 4-5 degree centigrade occasionally. Average rainfall in the district during the months of July-October is 300 mm. Rains are better then the other villages.

Latest development in Kasar:
Recently an amount of Rs 42.24 crore has been earmarked for restructuring the water sector in the district of Rajasamand. Being from Rajsamand district the village will be immensely benefited from this.

Also Kasar has a facility of summer karmakandi sanskrit classes under the leadership of Panditji Kanhaiyalalji Dwivedi of Kasar which are very useful for the Gorwals who are interested in this. Between 50 to 100 students get benefited with this part of knowledge every year thanks to this summer vacation Pathshala.

Temples in the village::
The village has Charbhuja Temple, Warahi Mata Temple, Bhooteshwar mahadev temple, Hanuman temple, KAlikA Mata temple and Kshetrapal temple in the village. Between village Charbhuja and Kasar there is a beautiful temple of Rokariya Hanumanji known for large heartedness of Hanumanji. One will often find the devotees here who would swear about the kindness about the Hanumanji telling the stories of their wishes getting completed post mannat at Rokariya Hanumanji. The famous and historical Charbhuja temple is a known temple around 6 kilometers from Kasar.