Village - Kailashpuri

Jai Bholenath. The village is known for the famous temple of Eklingji or Lord Shiva and the whole economics of the village is mainly linked to this ancient 6th century Shiva Temple. The village is 21 KMs from Udaipur and is located on the National Highway No. 8. The atmosphere in the temple is quite spiritual and gives lots of solace to the visitors.

Surprisingly the temple survived all the Muslim invasions even after on the route for these invaders to Somnath. The temple's "Dev-Jyoti" is claimed to be "Akchhun Dev Jyoti" for more then last 1400 years, which is claimed to be a world record. The Temple is under the administration of State Government. Pre-independence, the day to day expenses of the temple were funded by the Udaipur Maharaja. As per the traditional custom the Temple used to be headed by a Priest who would be called "Gusaiji Maharaj" (term Gusai comes from the word "Gauswami" which means the owner of Cows) who would be a Panch Dravid Brahmin and another condition would be that he should follow "Bramhacharya" for his whole life. In the past one Gorwal from Udaipur Shri Premanandji Maharaj occupied this position in the year 1949 and remained on this position till his death.

Gorwals in Kailashpuri
There is only one house of Gorwals "Dave" who has been looking after the Lord Shiva worshipping at the temple for a long time.