Village - Jadoli

On national highway no 14 and around 18 km far from sirohi and 3 km far from sirohi road Jhadoli village is situated.
On east of this village sirohi road, on west side sirohi and north side abu-road is situated.
On national highway there is a bridge that is known as mistri visaji pul (मिस्त्री विसाजी पुल). On north of this bridge there are 2 famous mahdev temple as trimbkeshwer (त्रयाम्ब्केश्वर) and neelkhant (नीळकंट) mahdev.
बोलो !! जय महादेव

Gorwals in Jadoli:

On west side of village, there is place for all gorwal's that is known as brahampuri. Previously all the houses were only inside but now some of the houses are outside brahampuri also.
On the entrence of brahampuri there is famous tample of savanliya ji सावंलिया जी, and vateshwer ji वटेश्वेर ( vadleshwer ji वडलेश्वेर जी).
For water purpost the place "devka" देवका is famous.
Currently there are approx 105-110 lan's लाण and around 500+ capacity of gorwal's.

On major part, gorwal's are divided as --

  • Vora with bharadawaj gotra.
  • Vora with kashyap gotra.
  • Dave with gautam gotra.
  • Dave with vats gotra.
  • Budiya with bharadwaj gotra.