Village - Dhikora ( ढिकोडा )

Dhikora is a very small but beautiful village on a small diversion from Saira on the Sadri - Udaipur Highway. It is very near to the highest peak of Arawali 'Jargaji Shikhar'. Jargaji has a very old temple of Lord Shiva. The village has 36 houses of Gorwals Brahmins consisting of mainly 20 houses of Dwivedi (Kutsas Gotra) and 04 houses of Bohra (Gautam gotra) and 10 houses of Trivedi (Haritas gotra) families.

Sometime before 14th Century, this village was said to be given as a 'Jagir' to a Second grade Rathod Thakur. The 'Gadi' or the small fort still exists on one of the small mountains off the village. The villagers say that a Mahajan's wife wanted to become 'Sati' post his death. The good-hearted Thakur did not allow this. The Thakur had to leave the village due to the resistance and retaliation from the society and getting settled in Kelwa a township nearby. The present Nohra of the village, which used to be the store of the 'Gadi' was bought in auction by the Brahmins post the shifting of Thakur to Kelwa.

As per an old copper scripture during the times of Maharana Raimal (1473-1509) this village constituting of 175 Bighas was donated to Gorwal Brahmins by Maharana. The Charbhuja temple in the Bramhapuri of the village has writing on one of its wall, which says that the temple was constructed in the year 1616. The village was initially formed by Kutsas gotri Brahmins under the leadership of Shri Kewalramji from a place called Kusma near HAthal. Thereafter the Gautam and Haritas gotris came and settled in due course.

Ref: Gorwal Jati ka Itihas from Shri Dharmpal Sharma

Known as Kashmir of Gorwal, Dhikora is relatively cooler place surrounded by forest. It is very near to Jargaji the highest pick of Aravali and thus has an advantage of a valley like position. The summer season raise the temperature up to 40-42 degree centigrade at peak Time in May-June. However, nights in the summers are also cool. Winters are moderately cool during December-January lowering the mercury to 4-5 degree centigrade occasionally. Average rainfall in the district during the months of July-October is 300 mm. Rains are better then the other villages.

Temples in the village::
The village 16th century's Chrbhuja temple which has been constructed by Gorwal Brahmins. There are other temples also newly constructed like Bheruji's temple etc.