Village - Bhimalia (Bhinwalia)

Bhimalia (Bhinwalia) located in the central Rajsthan. It has it's own station but other known nearest railway stations are Marwad Junction, Somesar and Rani. You will catch a local to get down at Bhinwalia or you can get down at Somesar via fast train and come by a jeep, it's around 4 miles from somesar.
It's small town with around 2000 people population with all castes. Mostly people here live on farming til, bajra, wheat.

We have place in the village called Bhim pag, Arjun's brother Bhim kept his one foot here in Bhimalia, that's why it's name been kept as Bhimalia. Also heard about some traces of all pandavs went from here after Mahabharat.  
Just till 5 years back all in Bhimalia; people use to walk a kilo meter to bring water at home ( from a place called Dekra a water kund), but now people do have hand pumps at home, though due to water draining it gets difficult sometime.

The summer season raise the temperature up to 46-47 degree centigrade at peak Time in May-June. A large variation in temperature is found due to adjoining green and hilly areas. Winters are moderately cool during December-January lowering the mercury to 4-5 degree centigrade occasionally. Average rainfall in the district during the months of July-October is 300 mm.

Gorwals in Bhimalia:
The gorwal brahmin population consists of about 20-25 houses, mostly consists of Ojha's and 3-6 family's of Vora's (Bohra). Mostly live in Mumbai, Karad, Amravati, Banglore. Recently Ojha's have built up a Kuldevi temple in the village, though till now and even now all Ojha's do visit to Sarveshwari Mataji temple in Gol gaum. All have actually moved from GOL gaum to here more than 50 years ago. There are 2 more famous temples here on Magari's (hills) of Bhimalia, one of them is Jogmaya temple.