Village - Auwa

Auwa is one of the biggest villages of Gorwals has more then 60 houses of Gorwal Brahmins spread over Imliwala waas, mandirwala waas, shivpuri.

Under British rule Auwa played an important role by pioneering the freedom struggle in Marwar. Various Thakurs of pali under the stewardship of Thakur of Auwa, who was the most powerful of all, confronted with the British rule. Auwa fort was surrounded by the British army and then confilcts lasted by 5 days, when at last the fort was possessed by the British army. But this heroie action of Auwa paved the way for continued and organised struggle for freedom. From 1857 Thakur Kushal Singh and his son Devi Singh survived a seige of the fort for 6 months and thereafter conducted guerilla warfare for 12 years against the British forces. At present a tourist centre with a grand heritage resort in the fort.

The oldest structure surviving today is the 9th century Kameswar Mahadev Temple.

Gorwals in Auwa: