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    Meaning of KOJRA
    Dated:1st-October-2008 Village:Kojra From:Dinesh Babulalji Trivedi
    I got a dictionary meaning of our village KOJRA.
    If you split it, it will be को जराः. means who is old?. We have, in every age group healthy people but for your reference, I am giving hereunder names with their age of people who are above 80.

    1. Shri Gajanand Shankerji Trivedi ...87 years

    2. Shri Vishnuprasad Chaturbhujji Trivedi...87 year

    3. Smt. Kamla Babulalji Trivedi..84 yrs[my mother]

    4. Shri Gokulji Sunderji Oza... 84 years

    5. Shri Dhirajlal Revashankerji Trivedi.. 83 years

    6. Shri Gopalji Bhimji Trivedi....82 years.

    Shri Gajanandji got married when he was 67 and today he has 2 grownup sons studying.