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    Welcome Gorwal Bandhus
    Dated:25th-August-2008 Village:General From:Dinesh Babulalji Trivedi
    On inaugural submission of my first article in this site, I sincerely thank and convey my heartily complements to the originators of this site, who must have really worked very hard to provide a plateform to all gorwal bandhus to meet each other, round the clock and 365 days.

    We had only platform to meet in Bombay was Gorwal Viddhotejak Mandal wherein we used to meet atleast once a year on occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi. This mandal was really doing a best job by encouraging scholars and honouring them by distributing prices.
    They also started with athletic meets in different age groups including senior citizens which continued for some years and then stopped. I remember having participated in it, driving all the way from Vapi to Bombay every year with family.

    Originator of this site have also opened a community in Orkut named Gorwal Viddhottejak Mandal and I am really glad to mention here that more than 200 members in it, exchange their views on different topics provided.

    Some60 years back, majority of us had only one access in employment sector and that was either Mulji Jetha Market or Mangaldas Market. Today, we can proudly say that we have highly qualified people in every faculty. We have Chemical Engineers, Mech./Electrical and other engineers, Chartered Accountants, Industrialists, good professors in education faculty with PHD, Computer Engineers, MCAs and many others. This shows our progress within last five to six decades. Hats off and keep adding more feathers to your crown.

    In conclusion I would only say that despite achieving highest goals in every sector, we should not forget our identity as Gorwal Bhrahmins.

    With best wishes,